Happy Journal Start

The Happy Journal is an easy and inspiring method to find your unique inner wisdom about happiness. You already know so much more about happiness than you are aware of. Let’s bring that wisdom to light.

Every day of your life was full of tiny happiness-experiments: You experienced happy moments, that made you feel alive or inspired. Situations that brought fun and joy. And you also experienced not so happy moments, when you felt insecure, bored or exhausted. All these experiences can tell you what you need to feel joy. They can also tell you what the world needs and what you can do to make the world a happier place

happy journal method

Most of us, sadly, never received much encouragement to listen to their own experiences. That’s why we concentrated on what teachers, experts or “the media” told us. Our own experiences never seemed important enough to take seriously. To spend time analyzing them. But with neglecting our own experiences, we also ignored our most important resource of knowledge and wisdom. We neglected the one resource that could tell us about what we need. What our unique personality needs, and our capabilities. What gives us energy and fun. And what makes our heart dance.


Luckily, we have our memory. Our experiences are not lost. On the contrary: Deep inside of us they have grown and developed. We can bring them on the surface at any point in our lives. We can look at them and be amazed and listen to what they are whispering in our ears. We can collect them in our Happy Journals. And between the covers of our notebooks, our unique treasure of wisdom will grow and shine. It will give us strength, and it will lead us on our individual paths to happiness.


To join in, you only need an empty notebook. I prefer one with blank or dotted pages.

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1. Every Week we will work on one topic

Around that topic, you’ll collect moments of your life - happy moments and not-so-happy moments.

Read here why tiny topics for journaling work best.

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2. Looking at your experience,

weighing it and digesting, you will discover that you already know lots about your needs and wishes. And about what happiness means for you.

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3. Discover your happiness values

These will give you guidance and confidence on your personal path to happiness. They will also tell you what the world needs and how you can bring more joy into the world.

This is not about creating beauty or art.

It is about discovering the beauty of your unique experience and personality. It is about learning how you already are unique and precious and how much wisdom you gained during your life.

The prompts and inspiration for the journal you can find here on the blog or on instagram under the hashtag #happyjournal .

Have fun!