Garden - Happy Journal Topic of the week

The obvious topic to start with. Why does a garden mean happiness for me? What experiences do I have with gardens and what do they tell me about happiness?

garden journal.jpeg

I experimented with different ways of journaling happiness. This is what works best for me: On the left page, I collect happy moments of my life that are connected with gardens. On the right page I ask myself some questions and collect some not so happy garden-moments. Finally, I look at what these collected experiences tell me about my values.

First I let my memory sing and dance around the topic.

First I let my memory sing and dance around the topic.

Thinking of „garden“ , I see rubber boots. Why do I feel so joyful when I wear them? Happy journal means to take a closer look at what makes me REALLY happy.

runber boots with polka dots.jpeg

Then my thoughts went to the pot gardens in the streets of Marseille. When I walked through the colorful alleys, I imagined planting flowers on my sidewalk in Frankfurt. But back from the vacation I must have forgotten about this idea. Luckily, my happy journal reminds me 😀

Bucket garden illustration.jpeg

t can’t be too difficult to find some pots, can it? But what kind of plants would love to grow in containers on sunny city sidewalks? Any tips from experienced gardeners?

Urban Gardening in Marseille

Urban Gardening in Marseille

happy memories journal.jpeg