Happy BIZZ

The fourth ingredient for the happiness brew is MEANING. To find the ideas, values, people and tasks that give meaning to my live. And to commit to those.

We need to do some reframing here. The word “business” originally meant to care, or engage. Busy-ness was not reduced to paid activities. Similarly the German word “Beruf” (profession) meant vocation (the inner calling) before it was reduced to paid occupations. It’s about time to replenish these words and go back to what gives meaning to our lives: our inner motivations and values. And what they inspire us to bring into the world.

Happy Bizz for me means: That what I am here to do. The role I want to play in this universe. The task that I want to commit to. The work I love and the work that is meaningful to me. The work my heart calls me to do.

In this category you will find workshops and inspiration that help you find your happy bizz, your calling, your inner business plan. Take the time to walk this path and find your happy bizz. There is something wonderful waiting inside of you and the universe is waiting for you to bring this into the world.