Happy community

The third ingredient for happiness is COMMUNITY. To feel connected with the people around you. Meeting neighbours, sharing experiences with friends, doing things together.

As an introvert and artist, I really like doing things on my own. Or with just a couple of colleagues or friends. This worked for me for a long time. But during the last years, things changed. Lots of the things I heard in the news or saw in the world made me feel unhappy. Sometimes I even felt despair. Because, when I am alone, I can forget about all the good people who live in this town. I can forget about all the individuals or groups who work for a better world. I can forget that most people are kind. That most people are longing for justice and happiness.

When I started to join some groups who took action in the neighbourhood, I got reconnected with hope. I got reconnected with what I know deep inside: That the good people are by far the majority and that a better world is possible. Doing things together gives hope and connection and joy. That’s why I challenge myself to join (or initiate) one group activity every week. I will look for events that are sustainable and connect people in a meaningful way. That can be small things like cooking with friends or inviting neighbours to watch a movie together.

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