happy journal

The happy journal

One way to bring happiness into our lives is AWARENESS. Awareness of our own unique experiences and what they tell us about happiness.

Deep inside, you already know so much about happiness. Since the first second of your life you have gathered an enormous amount of experience with happiness. Every day you experienced situations that made you happy and situations that didn’t. But you probably never learned to listen to your own experience. You learned to listen to parents and teachers and experts, but not to our own inner wisdom. That’s where the happy journal comes in. It will help you to discover your personal happy-wisdom.

How does the journal work? All you need is a journal. I prefer blank or dotted pages. Every week we will work on one topic and map our life experience around that topic. As we dive deeper into that topic we will find the values that rise from our experience.

I’ll post images and excerpts from my own happiness journal and I invite you to join in. Instagram #happyjournal Pinterest board Happy Journal

This is not about creating beauty or art. It is about discovering the beauty of your unique experience and personality. It is about discovering how you already are special and precious and how much wisdom you gained during your life.